I’m sure you have seen this already, and probably don’t like it so much.  If not, here it is again.  

Coltron Where You Been?

Hey all,

I’m sure you have noticed my absence from social media lately. I was on a road trip with miss Heather Miske and we had a wicked awesome time!

We spent a lot of time on the road, about 3500 kms give or take and we had the chance to listen to some killer and not so killer tunes. Here are a few of the highlights:

Iron Maiden - getting tired of Number of the Beast? Give Brave New World a try. Solid, fairly new recording. One of my favorite Maiden albums.

Royal Tusk - Catchy local act! Check out their brand new EP.

Nickelback - I know they have been on a major downward spiral, but I am always impressed with Chad’s melody writing and descriptive lyrics. *brace for bashing in comments*

Tegan and Sara - I can’t get enough of their vocal harmonies. I feel silly singing along sometimes though. Haha.

Scenic Route to Alaska - I love to change it up every now and then and these guys are good at what they do!

Saliva - Who knows these guys? Back In Into Your System and Every Six Seconds were killer. Then they went lame and tried to be just some straight up southern rock band. Should have stuck with the rap rock.

Tone Switch - Feat. The Smalls (Local Band!)

I don’t think I have it in me to

a) listen to music I don’t really like

b) rip it apart with my limited knowledge/experience

     So, to meet my conscience in the middle, I’ve decided to review things I think are worth listening to!

    The music of The Smalls was playing in my house long before I had tumbled into the world; both my mom and dad grew up with the guitar player Doug Bevens in Leduc, and my step-dad still has their sticker on the dashboard of his truck. By the time I was concert-going age, they had been disbanded for nearly a decade, but my childhood dreams of watching Mike Caldwell piss his pants in person may actually come true.*** The band has tentatively announced a reunion, which would bring back Mike Caldwell (vox), Terry Johnson (drumz), Corb Lund (bass), and Doug Bevans (guitar). I’ll probably stand outside their houses and recommend that they hire me to play trumpet with them until they’re tired of bugle calls all night and day and oblige me.

      My favourite album put out by The Smalls was also their last, titled My Dear Little Angle. I’m not too sure who told me this (or if it’s true) but I remember hearing that the title track was inspired by a love letter of apology a member of the band found on the street, where the author had misspelled “angel.” Listen to the track! See if you can hear the story. I’m posting a link to a playlist of the entire album for your head-banging, story-listening enjoyment. 


***This might not have actually happened. My step-dad once recalled that during The Smalls’ final concert in Edmonton, the lead singer relieved himself on-stage and mid-song. I have to assume that it was one of those things you promise someone you’ll do as a joke. “If this band ever breaks up, I’ll piss my pants on stage.” I imagine it went something like that. Kind of gross. Very bad ass. If they reunite, maybe I’ll get a chance to ask.