What’s Up In DBR Land

Hey All,

We have quite a few things on the go at the moment so I figured I would put together a summary.

#1 DBR would be stoked to open for The Trews when they come through Edmonton.  Please log onto Sound Cloud and give us a vote!  Here is the link.

#2 DBR will be rocking Morinville this Saturday for the first time ever!!! So make sure to come out.  We will be on at noon and The Gear Seabastian will be on after us so make sure to stick around!  Here is the link.

#3 Brother Octopus is releasing Sea of Champions on the 17th at The Mercury Room.  Make sure you come out and support!  We will be there.  Here is the link.

#4 October 18th we will be hitting up The Pawnshop again for an epic show.  The Unfortunates, I Am Machi, and Old Jack Tap will join us.  Tickets are $10 and you can get them from any of the members.  If you missed the CD release don’t miss this show.  Here is the link

Coltron’s Road Picks

Yay new blog! As most of you know my nine to fiver consists of many, many hours of driving, flying and sitting around doing mostly nothing.  In those many hours of thumb twiddling I like to listen to a bit of music.  

We in Death By Robot are influenced by too many artists to count.  Below I have compiled the various artists I listened to on this last trip.  Some are staples, others not so much.  I try to keep the catalog changing so there is always something new to listen to and draw inspiration from.

Take a look at the list.  Discuss, dislike, applaud, share, do what you will.

Trip Info - 3 days, 20:20:27, 1778 kms

Big City Supreme

Brother Octopus

The Gear Seabastian

Green Day

Guns N’ Roses

I Am Machi

Imagine Dragons

Iron Maiden

Jack White

Linkin Park


Mobina Galore

No Witness

The Offspring

Old Man Canyon

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Royal Tusk

The Unfortunates

Tegan and Sara


The White Stripes 

The Limbic System Release Recap

Well, it is done.  The Limbic System CD is now out there, and I hope whoever is listening is enjoying the songs we worked so hard on this past year.  

I would like to throw some thanks out there and quickly recap the process that was The Limbic System.

First off, Sonic 102.9.  Thanks to everyone there and in particular Dave Sawchuk.  Our selection for November band of the month really pushed this project into high gear.  We wanted to show people what we were capable of, and I feel Blue Skies really captured where we were musically and what was to come with The Limbic System.

Thanks to everyone who helped us write and record the album.  There were a lot of people involved in all aspects.  Current and former members of the band, Tim Plamondon of The Unfortunates, and Paul Smith and Christan Maslyk of Paul Smith Music were all critical in the writing and recording process.  Everyone’s input and insight really helped make these songs the best that they could be.

I would like to thank all of the media outlets that helped spread the word.  A huge thank you goes out to the ones that weren’t even contacted!  All of the radio, print, online and TV promo was a huge help and we know the release wouldn’t have been as successful without it.

Everyone involved with the release, what can I say, you guys were great!  Owen at Guru with some amazing projections while the bands were on stage!  Rend, The Gibson Block, and Hearsay were all amazing and brought so many of their friends and fans, so we thank them so much for that.  John Kennedy at The Pawn Shop knows how to throw a party!  Travis from Siiines on the soundboard did a great job, and Heather and Bryann were a huge help with our merch.

The biggest thank you has to go out to all of our friends, family and fans that came and rocked out with us!  It was the most fun we have ever had as a band and we can’t wait to do it again!

- Coltron and DBR

I’m sure you have seen this already, and probably don’t like it so much.  If not, here it is again.